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Please read the below guidelines to initiate your password reset.

  1. EIN is your Employee Identification Number. EIN is provided to you by your agency HR department at the time of your onboarding.
    1. Former employees and retirees enter the EIN on file at the time of employment.
    2. Surviving spouses please use the EIN number provided to you by ADOA Benefits Service Division.
  2. SSN: Enter the last 4 of your social security number
  3. Date of Birth: Enter the complete date of birth using the format: 2 digit month, 2 digit day, 4 digit year. Do not add any slash (/), period (.) or hyphens (-) in the date.
  4. Last Name: Enter the last name as it appears in YES.
  5. YES / Talent Acquisition / MAP - includes employees, retirees, and former employees accessing YES, current employees, managers, and MAP proxies accessing MAP, and hiring managers and recruiters accessing Talent Acquisition.
  6. HRIS / Data Warehouse - includes HR, Payroll, Benefits and Administrative staff accessing HRIS or Data Warehouse (Power Users only)

For assistance call the HRIS Service Desk at 602-542-4700

Arizona Password Reset System

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